Motion to Resist! by the NLG

Episode 2: The Untouchables

September 11, 2016
On this episode of MTR!, "The Untouchables," we take a look at the Panama Papers, the largest leak of documents in human history. Past NLG President David Gespass, a civil rights attorney in Birmingham, AL discusses what the Panama Papers reveal about the similarities between corporations and criminal enterprises.We’ll also listen to clips from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the Real NewsC-Span, and Channel 4 News, and discuss the American Bar Association’s questionable response to the leak.

1. Intro feat. "Orange Juice" by Spectacular Spectacular , discussion of Telesur and Wall Street Journal articles

3. Emma's summary of the Panama Papers
8. Interview with Attorney David Gespass
10. Emma discusses American Bar Association report "Protecting Against Cyber Threats" (Committee's Phone: 312-988-5754)