Episode 1: Don’t Wait For Another ‘68

July 11, 2016

On this first episode of Motion to Resist, guests Kris Hermes and Michele Grant come on the program to talk about the Democrat and Republican National Conventions, past and present. We also discuss how you can help support the National Lawyers Guild efforts of legal observation in Philadelphia for the DNC and in Cleavland for the RNC. See below for episode annotations.

1. Intro - feat. "Wake Me Up" by Spectacular Spectacular
2. Donald Trump on CNN
3. Call for Donations
4. RNC Prepares For Unrest... on NPR
5. Information about the RNC 2016
6. Eldridge Cleaver "No Democrats, No Republicans"
7. Interview with Kris Hermes, author of Crashing The Party: Legacies And Lessons From The RNC 2000
8. RNC 2000 Day 1 on CSPAN
9. R2K Collective Press Conference on CSPAN
11. "Saturday Night" by Spectacular Spectacular
12. Join the NLG!
13. "The Surveillance State" panel at NLG's Annual Convention in 2009
14. "Orange Juice" by Spectacular Spectacular
15. Michele Grant of National Lawyers Guild - Philadelphia
16. Outro